Porotherm: The UK’s latest building trend!

Porotherm, the clay block walling system, is revolutionising the UK's construction industry!

So what exactly is Porotherm?

Simply put, Porotherm is a clay block walling system that is a quick, cost-effective and highly sustainable alternative to traditional concrete blockwork. It truly is the future of building blocks; saving time and money, which in-turn is making modern methods of construction far more streamlined.

Porotherm: The UK’s latest building trend

The Porotherm clay block walling system offers many key benefits:

Faster: Porotherm is much faster to lay than traditional concrete blocks with an average of 30/40 sqm per man per day and the capability to build storey-height within a day.

Efficient: Porotherm blocks are thermally and acoustically efficient. Its fire resistance is outstanding and has no moisture shrinking.

Stronger: The compressive strengths of Porotherm's core range are typically 10 N/mm².

Safer: Porotherm blocks are significantly lighter than concrete blocks allowing workers to maintain steady production rates.

Dryer: Compared to standard concrete blocks, Porotherm uses around 95% less water. Which means less mess and faster drying.

Sustainable: 30% of the materials used to create a Porotherm block are from alternative, recycled or secondary sources (MARSS) with a life expectancy of 150+ years.

It's easy to see why Porotherm is fast becoming the ideal option for the UK construction market. EH Smith already work with thousands of builders, contractors and architects that use the Porotherm system.

Understanding exactly how Porotherm works is vital to getting the maximum benefit from the system, which is why EH Smith provides FREE training sessions at their Sustainably Centres throughout the UK.

The expertly run courses are designed to teach tradesmen, production personnel and management how to build with the Porotherm system and how to achieve all of the benefits the system offers. Each participant is awarded a certificate for completing the training.

Click here to find your nearest Porotherm Training Centre.

EH Smith's new Porotherm website has been specially designed to provide architects and builders with comprehensive product informationvideo guides, as well as showcase many of the impressive Porotherm projects that have been completed in the UK. You can even find out what Porotherm users are saying using the Social Wall or simply search #buildeasy on your preferred social media site to view all the trending Porotherm posts.

So what are you waiting for? Visit www.porothermuk.co.uk and find out more about the latest building trend that is revolutionising the UK's construction industry!

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