Porotherm and Sustainability

In many ways Porotherm blocks are a natural progression from handmade concrete blocks to engineered blocks; one which is ideal for use on both domestic and commercial projects with single or multiple-storeys.

The Porotherm walling system offers many benefits, and together they form a compelling argument for making it a quick and cost-effective choice for any builder or architect.

Another significant benefit of Porotherm is it’s particularly green.

Offering outstanding ecological balance, Porotherm products are made to minimise environmental impact both in manufacture and assembly. Used for thousands of years in construction worldwide, clay remains the most sustainable solution for modern buildings. Its natural properties means that it provides a complete, long term sustainability, not only offering increasingly sophisticated low-carbon product manufacture, but giving a building life of over 150 years with little or no maintenance.


• All code for sustainable homes levels can be achieved with Porotherm
• 30% of materials from alternative, recycled or secondary sources (MARSS)
• Life expectancy of more than 150 years and blocks recyclable at endof-life, e.g. hard core


• Less embodied energy due tolower firing temperatures
• Increased building fabric efficiency, so reduced need for bolt-on enhancements
• Good thermal mass


• 95% less water used during construction
• Work is less reliant on the local water supply
• Cleaner wall construction


• Maximum build volume for minimum material usage
• Typically 2% waste provision for blocks
• Mortar can be mixed in small quantities local to laying and applied in a controlled fashion, reducing wastage

Porotherm and Sustainability

Strong and durable, yet lighter and often less of a strain to work with than many of the alternatives, clay also builds-in sound and temperature-control benefits wherever it’s used – creating the ideal internal living environment. From sustainability credentials and build quality to the ease of use on-site, clay is a material equipped to meet every demand of modern construction.

The ultimate result is a sustainable, eco-friendly system walling system that is able to save both time and money throughout the build process, without compromising build quality or key sustainability criteria.

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