Westhaven is a team of professionals with a passion for giving you the very best service for your international deliveries.

We prefer to work with small and medium sized companies, we don’t overload ourselves with hundreds of clients and we take the time to talk to you. In this way, we are accessible, personally involved and we get to know you and your business well. This helps us to respond in a unique way to individual requirements. Service is, without exception, our first priority, but we will always work hard to give you the best deal and to save money wherever possible.

Our parent company is one of the largest privately owned builders’ merchants in the UK and we are proud to be part of a company with traditional values that has been established for almost 90 years. This heritage has given particular focus to our specialized activities in shipping equipment and materials for the construction, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Our reputation is second to none for shipping within Europe. We speak fluent French, Spanish and German and specialise in back loading Continental vehicles. As a full member of the World Cargo Alliance, we have also established and rapidly expanded our involvements in shipments to and from overseas regions by ocean and air freight systems.