Keystone have developed two lintels that can be used with the Porotherm Masonary System. These unique lintels offer a perfect cost effective solution that also enhance the thermal performance of a building. Both of these lintel options have been specifically designed to allow construction of the inner skin independently of the outer leaf. The Poro Lintels unique design enables this retrospective connection between the inner and outer leaf support lintels.

The Poro-Cav lintel features a unique, patented ‘thermal break plate’ that aids to ensure the thermal performance of the wall is maintained.

The inner leaf is supported through a standard Keystone Box lintel whilst the outer leaf support comes from the specially designed outer lintel. As it is a two part lintel, the outer leaf can then be installed without the need for supportive propping.




Andrew Gromadzki, Arup
I’d never heard of Porotherm until, when preparing my DIY building project for reconstruction of part of my house, I called in at EH Smith Builders Merchants and saw a sample on the counter.  I’d seen similar materials in central Europe so browsed the technical literature out of curiosity, soon realising it had many superior properties compared to concrete blocks. The main attr...
Andrew Gromadzki, Senior Engineer ,

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