The Porotherm System

Follow the new trend in the UK building industry!

The entire process of building with Porotherm clay blocks means areas of wall can be constructed very quickly. Laid by hand, the Porotherm walling system is precise, simple and fast.

By using each specially designed component in series, larger areas are built in a given time dramatically outperforming traditional methods of wall construction. Even though assembly methods are extremely easy to understand, EH Smith are able to offer full training to masonry contractors in order to increase efficiency further.

Porotherm is a precision engineered modern clay block walling system with reassuringly traditional values.

Porotherm is revolutionising the UK’s construction industry through exceptionally fast, virtually dry construction combined with high strength and thermal efficiency. A natural progression from handmade bricks to engineered blocks; it is widely used and has been proven on numerous projects in Europe for over 30 years. It is ideal for use on projects from single to multiple-storeys with both domestic and commercial applications.

The system comprises Porotherm blocks in a range of different sizes along with Associated Components including fixings, wall ties, tools, lintels, and DPC. Although each individual Porotherm component retains its own characteristic; the aim being that each element compliments the system leading to an acceleration of the building process. Porotherm allows builders and contractors the confidence to work with materials that have proven pedigree whilst also giving them the flexibility to work to the individual needs of the client.


Preparing a Base Course

Lay the first course on a traditional sand-cement mortar bed.



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Preparing a Base Course

Ensure the first blocks are level, horizontal in both directions and ensuring there are no lips between the adjacent blocks. This is the most crucial stage of the process, as it determines the accurate alignment of each of the subsequent build storeys, and the speed and accuracy of the construction as a whole.

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Mixing the ZeroPlus Mortar

Mix ZeroPlus according to guideline quantities – don’t mix more than you need  


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Mortar Rolling Technique

Apply ZeroPlus (mixed close to the build) to blocks with a roller


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Laying the Blocks

Repeat until a precision wall is complete – up to four times faster than traditional methods


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Fitting a Wall Tie

Wall ties are easily installed


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Applying Insulation

Insulation can be applied simply


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Porotherm Block Cutting

Block-cutting is straightforward



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