PMC Construction - Housing & Apartments

A former municipal bowling facility, the site had stood unused for a number of years before the client, Radian Housing, proposed a scheme comprising 5 no. 3 bed houses, 8 no. 1&2 bed flats and 1 no. 4 bed wheelchair accessible house.

The scheme is constructed under the code for sustainable homes scheme with staggered levels for each of the unit types ranging from Level 3
to Level 5.  All units are constructed using Passivhaus principles applied throughout the project resulting in decreased heating demand and in turn, reduced
occupancy costs and lessened environmental impact.  This not only decreases costs to residents, it offers greater asset value to our client and builds in an element of
future proofing.

To increase the thermal efficiency of the building envelope, the external elements are a combination of weather shielding and the Wienerberger Porotherm system resulting in greatly enhanced energy consumption allowing the MVHR system to operate at a reduced energy demand level.